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Studio: Red Chung
Platform: PC
Release Date: September 3rd 2017
Progress: Complete!

My Role: Sole Developer
Engine: Unity (C#)
Soundtrack?: No

Plunder Pups

Pick your pup, grab the most chew toys and rule the backyard!

Based on the rules of the schoolyard game Rob the NestPlunder Pups pits four players against each other in a frenetic race to obtain the most chew toys at the end of the game. Through a mix of sprinting, headbutting and stealing the right player's chew toys, each game proves intense and nerve wracking right to the last moment!

Plunder Pups (ver. 1.0.0.) features the core "Rob the Nest-esque" gameplay mode and options to play with up to 4 human players locally, with Xbox 360 controller support.


In lieu of a retrospective for Plunder Pups on this page, I wrote a blog post on the game that serves as a retrospective, which you can read here.

To find out more about Plunder Pups, you can visit the following pages:  GameJolt



Sound Asset Credits:
"dog toy" by saphe, used under CC BY 3.0 / Cut into separate sound effects
"dog barking inside a room" by saphe, used under CC BY 3.0 / Cut into separate sound effects
"Dog barking.wav" by apolloaiello, used under CC BY-NC 3.0 / Cut into separate sound effects

(The sounds below are licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License, but are credited as thanks to the original authors of each sound)