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6-in-6 July Retrospective: Swooping Season!

August's game is now out and can be downloaded from here! This was a very ambitious project that had some pitfalls, but it's a pretty complete, albeit short, experience and it really differs from Cyber Sale Simulator. We purposely planned to try to make a game that was vastly different in genre and style to our game for July, and it definitely seems like we've achieved that when the two games are put together side-by-side.

Like last month's retrospective, I'm going to boil my thoughts down to the dot-points below.


  • Began to implement SOLID principles
  • Messed around with Gizmos for the first time
  • We wrote up a Game Design Document for the first time
  • Learned that the structure of a prefab can change the functionality a lot: at one point, the way in which objects were structured inside a prefab was making or breaking the functionality of the code
  • Learned how use butler, itch.io's uploading/updating software
  • Learned about creating and uploading Mac versions of games, including working out a workflow
  • Learned animating through programming (slightly poorly)
  • Learned about the 3D properties of FMOD, which I had never really had to worry about before
  • Learned Cinemachine (to some extent) and more cinematic programming (screen fades, for example)
  • Learned about Facebook/Instagram advertising


  • Broke my rule of not going back to work on previous games, because there was a game breaking bug in Cyber Sale Simulator: should try to really make sure game breaking bugs are not present in future, and then this wouldn't happen
  • Have to work out how to use Unity Hub so that we can maintain Unity versions
  • Halfway through, I ended up reverting to my old standards, in terms of SOLID principles
  • We should have made more art assets, and probably could have, although external factors got in the way of this
  • Cinematic programming seemed very hacked together, in future I would really want to make proper systems (this was the key thing that pushed me out of SOLID programming)
too much screen shake.gif


  • Again, scoping down is necessary
  • Need to further make lists to aid this retrospective process
  • Keep up good work on recording progress and posting to social networks, and also put more effort into this
screenshot 1.png

Swooping Season in many ways improved on the success of Cyber Sale Simulator and further refined the 6-in-6 process. Going forward, many of the successes of SS should be pushed even harder, particularly those processes that can be easily copied, such as posting to social media and advertising. Now that we've done a 2D and 3D game on PC/Mac, in our effort to continuously push into new genres and platforms, we should look into a different platform, different controls or vastly different genres.

Thanks for reading! If you play Swooping Season, please give me your thoughts!

- Harrison Short