Harrison Short

Online Portfolio

First Blog Post!

Hey there! Welcome to my blog!

So, it’s been pretty long overdue but I’ve finally put together my personal website. The main purpose of this website is to be an online portfolio that I can point peers, idols and potential employers to in the future. However, I want to run a development blog here as well, as I’ve always found that it can be quite useful to document thoughts and progress on projects.

As you can probably tell from the various parts of my website, I’m a game developer with a keen interest in sound design and music composition. In 2016 I also improved my previously basic programming skills, so I’m fairly proficient with that side of game development now, and I’m pretty good at sound implementation (which I think goes a long way to being a full package indie sound developer), though I’m certainly looking to improve my skills at all times. So basically, expect to see programming and a lot of sound posts on here!

That’s about it actually! I’m currently writing this on the plane trip back from Game Connect Asia Pacific (GCAP), but I plan to write up a bit of a separate blog post about my exciting experience there. (Well actually, I’m posting this quite a bit after the fact… It’s been a busy week…)

Thank you for reading!

- Harrison Short