Harrison Short

Online Portfolio

Harrison Short is an independent game developer based in Brisbane, Australia, with a key interest in Sound Design and Programming. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, he spent his early life between his birthplace and Hong Kong, before his family settled in Australia. Throughout his schooling, video-games and music dominated Harrison’s spare time, leading Harrison to commence a Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment at the Queensland University of Technology, in pursuit of a career in game development and music/sound production. At the end of 2016, Harrison graduated this course with Distinction, and enjoyed success through his capstone project Bees Won’t Exist, which appeared at GCAP 2016. In addition to this, Harrison was able to also create a full-length soundtrack for the game, a milestone for his short career.


Currently, Harrison is operating under the name Red Chung, which is derived from two of Harrison's three middles names. The moniker serves as a unique calling card for all things creative Harrison does, most prominently game development and sound production, as well as a call to his deeper cultural routes. Working under the constant ethos of "making players feel like kids again," Harrison is embarking on a game development journey to create unique and memorable experiences for all players. In 2017, Harrison released his first game as a solo developer under the Red Chung name: Plunder Pups

If interested, you can keep up with Harrison's future endeavours and contact him through the following means:

CV available upon request.